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658 Director of Sales, Marketing, and Technical Services-Seattle Area

LOCATION: AquaTactics Fish Health/Aqua Pharma US in Seattle area

Who is AquaTactics?

A US-owned and operated, small, fast-growing, company dedicated to servicing and advancing the fish culture health across North America and overseas. It is second-to-none in providing its clients with veterinary services, diagnostics, prescription vaccines, medicines, and anesthetics. We are dedicated to fish culture and strongly believe it is the right tactic for sustainable seafood and maintaining our wild resources.

As a Co-owner of Aqua Pharma US:

We lead the field in bringing, to private and public fish culture facilities through-out the US, environmentally-friendly farmed fish pesticide and sanitizer products and application services.


What will the “Director of Sales, Marketing and Technical Services” do?

AquaTactics/Aqua Pharma US is seeking a highly motivated individual to lead and grow the “Sales and Marketing” department.  Although AquaTactics has been around and successful, as an entity, since 2009, this is a ground floor opportunity with vested ownership potential, and the chance of creating and building your department team with your vision. Responsibilities include: driving product and service strategy; getting out and interacting with our clients and helping the company meet their needs and expectations; bringing our client’s perspective back to the company; helping to define our future; defining our marketing efforts; assisting in the field with product development and registration; pitching in whenever the need arises from other areas in the company.

The ideal candidate will be able to: move effortlessly between the fish farm and our leadership team; bring high-level vision, coupled with the ability to put together a plan to reach the vision; bring an added dimension to the team; communicating revenue requirements and opportunities; and a have a penchant for leadership.

What you will do:

 - Be fully immersed in every corner of the dynamic US aquaculture scene (yes – you will see the country!)

- Build your own S&M team as company grows.

- Take every product and service and become the company expert, with the ability to communicate where resources and priorities should be directed.

- Become the company expert on clients, market, industry, and competition across AquaTactics and Aqua Pharma’s products and services.

- Set and meet short and long-term sales and growth goals.

- Lead the development and implementation of product and service detailers; advertising; presentations; demonstrations; sponsorships; and collaborations

- Collaborate with the leadership team to help translate and/or modify their vision into action.

- Maintain a malleable yet focused long-term roadmap.

- Understand the technical feasibility of new product or service areas and adjust strategy as required.

- International travel may also be required as business dictates.


Why should you work for AquaTactics/Aqua Pharma?

We do not confuse lack of solemnness with lack of seriousness. We have fun at our job but take our responsibilities very seriously. We take risks. We value differences of opinion. We make quick decisions, without meeting after meeting after meeting. We want to be the leading resource that our clients count on. We love going out in the field and talking with aquaculturists, getting to know them, and working on solutions to what keeps them up at night.


Bachelor's degree required.  Salary and benefits commensurate on education and experience.

To apply and for more information, email CV and cover letter to: and be sure to note Job #658 in the subject line.