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Successfully finding, hiring, and retaining the most talented and best-matched seafood professionals requires industry experience, countless contacts, and extraordinary skill in evaluating candidates. 

As seafood industry specialists, the FishJobs team knows the key players and the key qualities of a successful seafood organization, as well as the key qualities of successful seafood professionals

The FishJobs evaluation process is timely, thorough and effective.   

·         We will help you hire only the most talented seafood professionals.

·         We will help you hire the best-matched seafood professionals.

FishJobs will find you key personnel with the right AMBITIATIVE  to help your seafood business succeed.  Furthermore, FishJobs Guarantees this in writing.

When looking to hire, it is helpful to look at each role within your organization individually, in order to find the most effective way to fill each particular role.  For example, your process to fill a fish cutter position will be much different than filling a Director of QA position.

Role related questions to help determine the right process: 

·         Is this a key role, or key management role for your organization? 

·         Does the role include a highly specialized skill set? 

·         Is the talent pool for this role small?

 Furthermore, you need to understand your own existing daily activities, and your existing personnel-related skill sets.

Process-related questions to help determine the right process: 

·         Do you, or does someone at your company, have time to field replies to a listing? 

·         Do you, or does someone at your company, have time to screen the individual replies to a listing?

·         Do you, or does someone at your company, have ample experience interviewing candidates, effectively identifying the best-matched candidates to your role? 

·         Should you access candidates that are not necessarily seeking a new opportunity right now? 

·         Is it important to keep your search for this role anonymous? 

Depending on all of the above, FishJobs can provide you as much, or as little, service as you require for each role within your company.  You may require a full-scale outbound search for the role.  You may only require the expertise of the FishJobs Candidate Evaluation process.   You may only need to post a listing on FishJobs.  We remain ready and able to help you with all your roles. Contact us to discuss the right level of FishJobs Service for your current or new role(s.)