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Among the most common issues seafood industry professionals face when interested in knowing what new opportunities may be available is confidentiality.  It is extremely difficult to inquire to other seafood companies, even in conversation alone, regarding what employment opportunities there may be in the industry.  Furthermore, the information spread through the industry is not always completely accurate.  FishJobs invites you to submit your profile directly to our Recruiting Team.  This is the best way to gain accurate information regarding opportunities without revealing your identity to others in the industry, including your current employer.  Honoring confidence is absolutely crucial to our continued success.  Therefore, we at FishJobs practice extreme discretion at every level – including YOUR identity protection.  At no time will we ever disclose your identity to anyone, without your prior consent.

Submit your profile...

Candidates may submit their resume/CV directly to the FishJobs Recruiting Team with absolute confidentiality.  Simply send to: .  Once your message is received, FishJobs will then contact you for additional details regarding your background, and possibly a discussion regarding current FishJobs Recruiting projects and other opportunities.  Again, at no time will we reveal your identity to anyone outside FishJobs without your direct permission to do so.

Respond to a specific FishJobs listing...

To respond to a specific FishJobs listing (from the FishJobs Listings Tab,) simply follow the written directions within that listing.  These replies will go directly to the company that posted the listing on FishJobs.